We provide your product with a voice, a pair of eyes, a smell and a taste.

Tell us what you would like to share with your audience, customers, users… Tell us everything about your brand, your goal, and reveal to us the purpose and very essence of your brand. We listen to you carefully…

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We constantly think and contemplate about the message you desire to communicate to your target audience, but it is equally important who you wish to send it to…

It is precisely for this reason that we research, assess and optimise your communication.

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We will adapt your message or shape it together with you from the very beginnings. We will make storytelling unforgettable and truly special.

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We will choose the best platforms and channels and provide them with a broader context, to enable the message you wish to convey to reach your target audience.

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We will help you reach your targets more easily! Connect with your audience through the tailor-made creative contents adapted precisely for your brand.

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About us

We are 2020/ Twenty-Twenty.

But how you read us is all the same to us, whether for you we are two thousand twenty, 20/20 (perfect vision), or maybe even 0000011111100100, should you happen to be a hardcore programmer who sees everything in binary code. Be it as it may, we are here to tell your yet untold stories with you…

2020/ is a new content agency on the Croatian market, launched by professionals who spent 10+ years in the media business, on digital and print platforms with focus on content marketing, integrated media solutions, creative communication, PR strategies and ideas.

Our story began even much earlier, when, as part of the largest media house in Croatia, we were in charge of some of the largest and best-known media projects, of which we are still very proud. As long-time associates, office colleagues and, over time, also friends, we decided to join forces, our knowledge and rich experience and place them at the disposal of clients on the markets of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia.


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2020 was a challenging year that entails opportunities which must not be missed, and it is precisely for this reason that we launched the 2020 Content & Production agency, created in the year of changes. Changes for the better.